Volunteer engagement: “so much wonderful, so much challenge”

Marjorie Trachtman provided great tips on recruiting and keeping volunteers during her volunteer engagement training last week. After asking us to name one word that describes volunteer engagement, Marjorie noted that it has “so much wonderful, so much challenge.”

Photo of volunteer engagement training

Learning more tips on recruiting and keeping volunteers

Some key takeaways:

  • Focus on why people volunteer and develop messages to meet their needs.
  • Have program policies and procedures in place (ie, job descriptions, screenings, and a training process).
  • Match different personalities with different assignments and different recognition.

According to Marjorie, the number one reason people don’t volunteer? They’re not asked. So go for it, and remember that a good volunteer program will lead to success for the volunteers and organization!

Thanks to Alexandra Doty for organizing this free training for ECO Net members!