Engaging with community on Earth Day

Thank you, volunteers, for your time and effort on Earth Day and throughout the year! You make a difference in our community.

Many people say that making a difference in the community is the reason why they volunteer. Others may want to socialize with friends, learn new skills, or help advance a cause.

Earth Day and events throughout April are great times to encourage community involvement. People can team up with neighbors, family and friends to pull weeds, plant fruits and vegetables, pick up litter, and more. These activities help meet volunteers’ needs and an organization’s goals.

Make sure that volunteers feel appreciated – a simple thank you goes a long way. Other volunteer recognition could include t-shirts, free food, certificates, or acknowledgement in meetings, on a website, or in social media. Flat Anna to the rescue at Ocean Shores-lr

As you participate in Earth Day and similar events, remember to take photos. Or ask volunteers to take photos of themselves. These pictures can generate enthusiasm for the particular event, future events and even your organization. Consider holding a photo contest or sharing photos with a hashtag on social media. Pictures capture the community spirit! Enjoy the day, and thank you, volunteers!


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