Preparing for a massive earthquake in the Pacific Northwest

To prepare for a devastating earthquake, many organizations throughout the Northwest will practice responding to a 9.0 magnitude quake during a readiness drill this week. The drill will start on Tuesday, June 7 with this scenario: a massive earthquake strikes near Eugene, OR, damaging areas throughout the Northwest and triggering a tsunami in the Pacific Ocean.

Known as Cascadia Rising, this emergency preparedness drill is the largest in the Northwest and will include about 20,000 people from Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia. The exercise assumes a worst-case scenario in which bridges and roads are closed, power is out and water covers lowland areas. Local, state and federal agencies will practice moving food and water, conducting search and rescue operations, communicating on ham radios and more during this four-day megaquake and tsunami drill.

#CascadiaEQ Tweetchat

Scientists, emergency personnel and others are sharing information about earthquakes, communications and what to do after a quake on Twitter today. Follow #cascadiaeq to ask questions, share information about previous quakes and learn more. Here’s an example:


Be prepared

The Cascadia Rising event is a good reminder for people to have emergency kits with food and water at home, work and in the car. Here’s how to build a kit for at least 7 days to make it through the “big one.”

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