Sound Transit proposes faster schedule for ST3

In response to public comments about building transit faster, Sound Transit today proposed to build the ST3 projects sooner — between 2-5 years faster, depending on the project. ST3 is the proposed 25-year regional transit plan that would increase light rail, commuter rail and bus service in King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties.

The Sound Transit Board will vote on the transit projects and timelines on June 2 and plans to adopt the plan at its June 23 meeting in order to place ST3 on the November ballot. Here is a list of the proposed ST3 projects and new timelines.

Sound Transit received over 34,000 survey responses on ST3.

Here is a presentation summarizing the public comments received on the draft ST3 plan.

Picture of Capitol Hill light rail station

Located in the heart of the neighborhood, the Capitol Hill light rail station offers good connections to other travel options.

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